Over the years I have put together a very nice inventory of guitar materials including:

European & German Spruce - Lovely white color and good stiffness. Very versatile top material behaves well as either a fingerstyle or plectrum guitar.

Carpathian Red Spruce - Excellent alternative to Adirondack Spruce, which is getting very rare and expensive. I have a limited amount of these tops.

3A , 4A and Master grade Lutz Spruce - This hybrid wood (Sitka and Engelmann) has grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. It is a very versatile tonewood combining many of the best attributes of its species.

Englemann Spruce - Slightly softer and whiter than Sitka, this lovely material is well suited to guitars intended for fingerstyle play.

Western Red Cedar - Rich and dark in color, both visually and tonally.Cedar guitars fill a room with sound. Cedar has less attack than the Spruces’, this is a favorite among fingerstyle, New Age and Celtic players.

Redwood - It’s hard to describe the sound of a Redwood guitar. Between Cedar and Spruce? I’ll let you decide. I have a very few superb sets of this intriguing wood.

If none of my materials meet your specs and you want to work with a specific supplier I’m open to discussing it. Bear in mind that my guitars have a particular design ethic, which is how I strive for “my sound”. We’ll need to discuss your vision or expectations to ensure that my design and construction methods are compatible.

Back and Sides upgrades - Again, I have put together a very nice assortment including:

Brazilian Rosewood :: Premium Indian Rosewood :: Cocobolo :: Quilted Western Maple :: European Maple :: Australian Blackwood :: Camatillo :: Macassar Ebony :: Quilted Mahogany :: Zircote :: Australian Lacewood

Upcharges are based on increased material cost, plus any working considerations of the specific material.